ETLV : Sujet Airlines Work + Corrigé


ETLV Sujet Airlines Corrigé

How do Budget Airlines Work ?

Do you need some holidays ? Low-cost airline companies offer flights from Nantes to different destinations for almost the same price as a train ticket Angers-Saumur…

How can these airline companies offer such prices to customers ?

As part of your studies for a technical degree or DUT -technical college degree, you do your work placement in a traditional coach company and you will study the strategies of the low cost airline companies so as to diversify more on the low cost coach transportation.

In order to achieve it, you’ll have different tasks to carry out :

• Analyse a video on the strategies of the low cost airline companies,

• To summarize the major points with a mind map for your training manager

• Create a video which recaps the main elements of your synthesis.

Here are the different steps you are going to follow to achieve your mission. You’ll find the instructions and the documents necessary to your work in the Trello « low cost flights ».

First, log in to the « Trello » board called « low cost flights »

1- The low-cost airline companies : how do they work ?

Work in class : you’ll get informed of the main characteristics of the market and the companies by watching the video in class.

Questions :

• what companies are concerned ?

• what is the main topic ?

• where and when does it take place ?

Formulate the central issue

2- Analysis of the price strategy of the low cost companies :

Pair-work :

• Watch the video whose QR code is on the left from 0’57’’ to 6’40’’, at your own pace, as many times as necessary. You’ll have to watch it in English possibly with subtiles ..but in English, please !

• Identify the different elements which allow low cost companies to have such low prices : you can take notes in a google drive document (shared with your teachers and make sure you give us the editing rights).

3- Pooling during the trainees meeting.

Work in class :

• During the trainees’meeting, your training manager will ask the different pairs to report on your conclusion which will be written on the board.

• All the pairs will speak and the different analyses will be checked

Pair-work :

• On Coggle (or another mindmapper as you like), you will create a mindmap which will recap the previous analyses ; please, attach it on the Trello board.

• Make a video presentation for the company team :

So as to incite the employees of the company to adopt this new strategy, you’ll make a video highlighting how your own company could achieve a cost-killing stategy. You’ll do it with your phone and the 2 partners must speak.

Concerning the presentation : : you can make an ITW, a presentation in front of the camera , an animation video and voice over…You can include the visuals and effects of your choice as long as it remains « professional ».

Your videos will be watched and marked by your training managers as well as the mindmap

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